2024 Study Release: The High Cost of Chronic Disease

Having a chronic condition has high financial, emotional and opportunity costs. A new study shows what families in the U.S. are losing and what kind of system improvements are needed

Wednesday, July 10, 12:00 PM PT – 1:00 PM PT (Virtual)

We recently surveyed 1,000 chronic disease patients to better understand how we’re all paying a high price for un- and under-treated health conditions.

Our questions include:

  • How much do you worry about the effect of your disease on your family? Friends? Employer?
  • Were you ever told by a healthcare provider that your condition was “all in your head”?
  • Does your insurance company cover the cost of your medication, enough so you can take it according to plan?
  • Does your condition impact your ability to work?
  • Does your condition negatively impact your mental health?

The results are fascinating and have important implications for the kind of healthcare reform we can all advocate for.

With 133 million Americans living with one or more chronic diseases, and people with chronic conditions paying 5 times more for health coverage, these insights are crucial. 

To hear the answers to these questions and more, join us for a free, virtual event on July 10. We look forward to sharing survey data, patient stories and policy implications.

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Join the Fight

Here are five easy ways for you to get involved this Chronic Disease Month.

I Vote Because

About 7 out of 10 U.S. deaths are due to chronic disease. Our elected leaders shape healthcare policy, but they need to hear from you. Use our web tool to create a custom 'I vote because...' graphic. Share it on social media, tag @ChronicRights, and use the hashtag #CDM24. We’ll amplify your message!

Tell Us Why You Vote

Rate Your Candidates

One of our core values is to support relationships between legislators and constituents. With that goal in mind, we developed our own candidate scorecard that anyone can use to evaluate their local legislators and candidates. This can be used in a number of different ways—you can look for answers on websites, in media stories or in speeches. You can also look for opportunities to sit down with legislative candidates, tell them your story and talk to them about the nonpartisan, common-sense reforms that will help.

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Support a Champion

We at the Coalition are so grateful for the legislators who sponsor pro-patient bills, year in and year out. Do you have a legislative champion? Check our list and watch out for their shout-out in our social media feeds—and then share it! They champion us, and this is our time to show our appreciation.

Support a Champion

Share Your Story

Your story is powerful. By sharing it with us, you help educate lawmakers, the media, and the public about living with a chronic disease. Personal stories are impactful and help drive policy changes. Everyone has a story, and we want to hear yours! Remember, 65% of people with chronic conditions are unemployed or not working, and your story can highlight these significant issues.

Share Your Story

Contact Your Elected Leaders

Reaching out to your elected leaders is one of the most effective ways to drive meaningful policy changes for chronic disease patients. During Chronic Disease Month, we’re focusing on specific actions legislators can take to improve outcomes for our community. With chronic disease patients more than just numbers and charts, knowing the statistics and personal experiences helps in the fight for chronic rights. Sending a message takes just one minute.

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